Good enough?

Good enough is never good enough! That seems harsh and leaves no room for nuance but watching people in my 52 years of coaching has convinced me that accepting good enough is a clear path to mediocrity. Too often good enough means going through the motions with no focus and minimal effort. It is being physically present without being there.

I set a standard of expectations for myself and the athletes and coaches that I work with. It is an expectation that we expect perfect effort every session. Nothing less. It takes no talent, just focus and directed work to achieve or exceed your potential. As a coach I will not accept good enough. To be the best you can be is uncomfortable. It demands being comfortable with being uncomfortable all the time. There will be failure, but those perceived failures by others are learning opportunities for you. Take advantage, take risks never be satisfied with good enough. A quote from educator John Gardner is particularly appropriate: “Much education (coaching – my emphasis) is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving people cut flowers when we should be teaching them how to grow plants.” Let’s challenge ourselves and the athletes we work with to raise the level of expectation.