12/31/20 U.S. High School Weight List

The first national performance list of the 2021 indoor season is out. With limited competitions so far this winter, fewer athletes have made their season debut. Leading the way so far are Leah Moore (Hillhouse, New Haven, CT) and Collin Burkhart (Nazareth Area, Nazareth, PA). Moore already improved her best by six feet compared to last season, while Burkhart improved more than eight feet.


                              NATIONAL RECORD
93-03.25 Conor McCullough      SR  Chaminade, West Hills, CA              03-15-09
                       NATIONAL CLASS INDOOR RECORDS
71-03.50 Trey Knight           FR Ridgefield, WA                          02-04-17
83-06.75 Trey Knight           SO Ridgefield, WA                          01-20-18
87-10.75 Conor McCullough      JR Chaminade, West Hills, CA               03-16-08
93-03.25 Conor McCullough      SR Chaminade, West Hills, CA               03-15-09
                         2020/2021 PERFORMANCE LIST
72-00.50 Collin Burkhart       SR Nazareth Area, Nazareth, PA                12-12
70-01.50 Michael Pinckney      JR High School For Construction,Ozone Park,NY 12-12
68-11.00 Caden Hottman         JR Hermiston, OR                              12-12
68-03.00 Garret Bernt          SR Stevenson, WA                              11-14
67-07.25 Cooper Stroka         SR Don Bosco Prep Ramsey, NJ                  11-22
67-05.00 Aiden Paul            SR West Albany, Albany, OR                    12-12
65-06.00 Ian Clawson           JR South Salem, Salem, OR                     11-14
62-04.75 Gary Moore, Jr.       JR Hillhouse, New Haven, CT                   12-12
61-08.50 Travis Roux           SR Northport, NY                              10-03
58-10.50 Brian Luciano         JR Somers, Lincolndale, NY                    10-03
58-09.00 Seth Allen            JR New Manchester, Douglasville, GA           12-27
56-05.25 Zachary Jacobs        SR Wilson Central, Lebanon, TN                12-19
                          NATIONAL OUTDOOR RECORD
82-08.25 Daniel Haugh          SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                12-21-13
69-00.00 Conor McCullough      FR  Chaminade, West Hills, CA              06-10-06
73-06.00 Wes Wright            SO  Villa Rica, GA                         03-06-06
79-00.50 Wes Wright            JR  Villa Rica, GA                         02-04-07
82-08.25 Daniel Haugh          SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                12-21-13
                     2020/2021 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE LIST
62-10.00 Tremain Robinson      SR Somerset Academy, Boynton Beach, FL        09-13
57-11.75 Logan Montgomery      JR Ridgeland, Rossville, GA                   11-28
58-03.50 Akinwale Dare         SO Fairburn, GA (H)                           11-21
59-07.75 Max Herman            SO Marietta GA                                09-06
56-04.00 Jaryn Eaton           JR Tokay (SJ), Lodi, CA                       10-10
                     U.S.  HIGH SCHOOL BOYS'OUTDOOR 35# WEIGHT THROW
                               NATIONAL OUTDOOR RECORD
64-05.00  Josh Whitener        SR  North Paulding, Dallas, GA             02-10-13
                             2020-2021 PERFORMANCE LIST
47-02.75 Ben Chappell          SR Oakdale, CA                                10-25
                                  NATIONAL INDOOR RECORD
68-02.50 Shelby Ashe           SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                03-13-11
                            NATIONAL CLASS INDOOR RECORDS
57-03.00 Katie Kraychir        FR  Twentynine Palms, CA                   02-02-08
58-08.75 Kamryn Brinson        SO  Marist, Atlanta, GA                    02-13-14
65-04.25 Shelby Ashe           JR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                03-14-10
68-02.50 Shelby Ashe           SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                03-13-11
                             2020/2021 PERFORMANCE LIST
57-05.75 Leah Moore            SR Hillhouse, New Haven, CT                   12-12
55-00.50 O’Niece Roberts       SR Allatoona, Acworth, GA                     12-27
50-02.00 Daiyanna Cooper       SR Temple, GA                                 12-27
49-11.00 Jae’l Dunn            JR Stockbridge, GA                            11-21
48-09.00 Savanna Ramirez       SR Milwaukie, OR                              10-31
47-08.00 Daiyanna Cooper       JR Temple, GA                                 11-21
47-02.00 Ariel Ammentorp       JR Union, Camas, WA                           11-14
46-04.75 Riley Simmons         SR Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, FL              12-19
45-05.00 Jamie Jacobs          JR Tualatin, OR                               10-31
45-01.50 Arianna-Alladio Zacpal SR St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY       12-12
44-02.00 Jordan Mann           SR Skyview, Vancouver, WA                     12-12
43-05.25 Olivia O’Connor       JR Hillhouse, New Haven, CT                   10-03
42-09.00 Noel Frye             SR Olentangy, Lewis Center, OH                12-29
42-09.00 Madison Jones         SR Wilsonville, OR                            11-14
40-02.75 Gabrielle Riley       SR Mount Vernon, NY                           10-03
                          NATIONAL OUTDOOR RECORD
69-04.00 Shelby Ashe          SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                 01-16-11
                           CLASS OUTDOOR RECORDS
54-02.00 Casey Kraychir        FR  Twentynine Palms, CA                   02-17-07
59-04.75 Sabrina Gaitan        SO  Sprayberry, Marietta, GA               02-03-13
61-02.25 Shelby Ashe           JR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                03-07-10
69-04.00 Shelby Ashe           SR  St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA                01-16-11
                         2020/2021 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE LIST
51-01.50 Janae Profit          JR Dunwoody, GA                               09-06
50-02.50 Cara Salsberry        SR Marvin Ridge, Waxhaw, NC                   09-13
47-10.00 Katelyn Peterson      JR Pleasant Grove, Elk Grove, CA              10-10
45-09.00 Ashpreet Kler         SR Elk Grove (SJ), CA                         11-01
45-03.00 Gracie Bolick         JR Charles D. Owen, Black Mountain, NC        11-28
44-09.75 Brooke Bock           SR Cardinal Gibbons, Fort Lauderdale, FL      09-13
44-02.00 Claire Harrison       JR First Presbyterian Day, Macon, GA          09-06
Standards: Boys 25#   - 55-00.00 35# 40-00.00
           Girls 20#  – 42-00.00
* = Addition, improvement, change, correction since last update.
H = Home schooled/Hometown.
Note: Normally the performance lists are updated weekly. Due to the current global
      situation lists will be updated are irregular intervals depending on meets
      and availability of results.
Note: If an athlete has both an indoor and an outdoor mark and the indoor mark
      is superior only the Indoor performance will be included in the performance
      If the Outdoor mark is superior then both marks will be included. If and when
      the athlete attains a better Indoor mark then the Outdoor mark will be deleted.
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