Starting year 53

I just started my 53rd year of coaching. It’s been a journey, ups and downs but always moving forward, always learning and working to get better. What has sustained me has been the athletes I have been able to work with who inspired and continue to inspire me.

Last night I was able to have a ZOOM reunion with four members of my original cross country and track team at La Cumbre Junior High School in Santa Barbara, California. What a great group of people. It was so great to see them and reminisce. Interesting most of the memories were not about the fast times and championships of which there were many but of the trips, the eating lunch in my classroom, practicing Spanish verbs on the longer runs and getting to run with Jim Ryun. John Schumacher, George Aguirre, Mark Catlett and Tim Williams – great men and true champions. This is what makes it all worthwhile. Can’t wait to get to practice today!

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