Vern Gambetta

The set-up concept

Nothing we do in training occurs in isolation. Everything we do is related. Training is cumulative. No one workout can make an athlete, but one workout can break an athlete. Therefore, keeping those two axioms in mind no training session should stand alone. Each workout should be linked to the workout that preceded it and to the session that follows.

There may not be research to substantiate this, but I have a large body of practice to underscore the validity of the concept in my system. What I have found is that I can effectively use workout A to setup workout B and so forth. It takes detailed planning and record keeping. It demands coordination with the sport coach if you are an athletic development coach. Using the set-up concept separates the nice to do from the need to do. In the realm of physical preparation, the training session are more in concert with what is happening in the sport practice, therefore insuring a better degree of transfer. Play with the concept, I think you will see a benefit.

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