Doing it better

I am always trying to find ways to do what I do better. I have a defined system of training that I am constantly working to refine. With success it is tempting to stand pat and not change. I am constantly learning, learning what I do works and learning what I can do to make it better.

The more I stray from the basics the more inconsistent the results. There are key areas that you must address with every athlete regardless of the sport. I have learned that before I add something new to the training that I must be sure that it is better than something I am already doing. I have also learned that if I add something, that I need to take something out. It is too easy to copy YouTube exercises without context. Each exercise in the program has a specific purpose that must fit with the other exercises and drills in the session. If you come and watch a training session you won’t see anything sexy or cute, you will see basic movements designed to be sport appropriate to make the athlete robust and resilient. Steady progress toward a goal is more important than spectacular training sessions that can’t be repeated. Never forget it is a process – know the process, invest in the process, work the process and enjoy the results.

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