My vision

My vision is to develop robust, resilient, adaptable athletes who are physically, psychologically & tactically ready to compete to win in the competitive arena.

In 52 years, the vision has never changed. However, over the years the means of achieving the vision has had to adapt, because it has had to adapt.

Robustness is a cornerstone. Train for the demands of the sport taking into consideration each athlete’s needs.

Resilience is a quality that transcends sports. It is learning to deal with adversity and bounce back better. For the coaches and athlete there are good and bad days, how we handle those is a measure of who we are.

The athlete has to be adaptable rather than adapted. This has demanded a well-rounded program that emphasized the development of all athletic skill. No one physical quality can be emphasized to the expense of another.

Ultimately it is about being ready for the chaos of the competition. All we can do is give the athlete a chance to win and trust that our preparation will serve them well. As teachers (coaches) that is our final exam!

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