I think of late I am suffering from a severe case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I am seeing all this stuff that looks really cool. I read and listen to the claims and I am in awe. Then I take a step back and let my experiences give me a perspective.

The bottom line is: will this make me a better coach and consequently make my athletes better? I keep thinking I should embrace technology without reservation and let it take me where it may, but there is this little voice that keeps reminding me – What got you to this point? Have my athletes done well and continue to do well in spite of or could they have been better?

I have always been an earlier adopter as evidenced by all the timing devices, jump mats, monitoring devices and computer programs in my closet. I found what enhanced my coaching and the athletes understanding of the process and went with it. If it didn’t do that, I discarded it. I pride myself on being on the front edge of innovation and change.

As I write this my FOMO is declining, I am going to stay an informed skeptic and see how all this works out. So far, I am not highly impressed. I see a decline of good coaching. No understanding of sound pedagogy. I see great technologists who can’t teach and communicate in an effective manner what they are measuring to the athlete. I see smoke and mirrors standing in the way of substance. This will sort and we will move forward. I just feel for the athletes that are not getting the best they should get.

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