Creativity and coaching

We must recognize that coaching is a creative process. What differentiates the good from the great coach is the ability to see the same athlete, the same skill, the same movement and see what others cannot or have not seen yet. Coaching is constant iteration, prototyping, tinkering to get it right for the athlete. The coaching process is not a reductionist paint by numbers algorithm. A creative coaching process recognizes that the body is smart.

Creative coaching begins with instilling a foundation of basics in the athlete that are then built upon. Once foundations are established in an athlete, the coaching process continues with progressively more difficult and challenging movement problems for the athlete to solve. The creative coaching process trusts that the athlete will be able to “figure it out” building their personal answers to movement puzzles on the foundation of basics. The final solution that the athlete comes to may not meet the criteria of “perfect technique” or ideal training, but it works for that athlete. Getting it to work is the measure of good coaching. Use all your senses, follow your instincts to put the athlete in a position to be able succeed in the competitive arena.

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