Golden West Invitational (CA) Results

Some of west coast’s top throwers competed at the Golden West Invitational on Saturday. Taking home the wins were Aiden Paul (West Albany, Albany, OR) and Katelyn Peterson (Dixon, CA).

Golden West Invitational
June 19, 2021
Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA

Boys Hammer Throw High School
1Aiden Paul11Unattached193-4
2Jake Weathers12Golden State Throwers182-3
3Jaryn Eaton10Golden State Throwers175-10
4Josiah Edwards11Golden State Throwers130-7
5Gian Gonzalez11Rancho Cordova Track Club86-6
6Guroop Kler9Golden State Throwers82-4
Girls Hammer Throw High School
1Katelyn Peterson11Golden State Throwers166-8
2Kiana Emerson12Unattached153-7
3Sariyah Horne11Golden State Throwers153-7
4Angela Schykerynec10Golden State Throwers151-7
5Ashpreet Kler12Golden State Throwers150-5
6Emma Harper12Unattached144-8
7Jessica Jericoff12Golden State Throwers135-11
8Haley Hernandez11Golden State Throwers133-4
9Zoe Brosch12Unattached127-7
10Erica Walker10Unattached110-1
11Nyla Baker11Del Campo High School100-3
12Mackenzie Monson9Unattached99-10
13Veronika Edson10Golden State Throwers97-11
14Marrielle Winuk10Golden State Throwers88-10
15Genevieve Hamel9Golden State Throwers75-2