Just thinking: some random thoughts on training and life

Some thought about training and life:

  • The higher you progress in sport the faster everything happens. When they talk about the speed of the game it is true. You have significantly less time to make decisions and act or react.
  • Forget barriers, they are artificial, mental contracts that hold you back. Instead think of frontiers to conquer. Keep pushing into the unknown, unexplored territory.
  • Stay essential: focus on what will make you better. Getting tired is not training.
  • In sprinting forget segmenting the sprint stride into front side and back side instead focus on the reciprocal cyclic scissor action of both legs. Can’t separate front side and back side.
  • “Attitude is a choice” Ron Adams, Assistant Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.
  • Don’t let school interfere with your education.
  • Unlearning may be just as important as learning
  • “The note next to the one you think is bad corrects the one in front.” Miles Davis
  • Also write your training plan in pencil.
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