HMMR Podcast Episode 252: Talking shop

We’re trying something new on this week’s podcast. We don’t have a theme or key topic, we just have some friends on to share some ideas and see where the conversation goes. Adam Kuehl, Carrie Lane, and Brek Christensen join us to talk about rethinking peaking, the benefits of hiking for power athletes, the skillset of mid major coaches, and much more.

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Notes and quotes

Our three guests have roots in throws, but their reach extend well beyond the throwing realm. Carrie Lane is the throwing coach at the University of Wyoming, and also previously a distance coach and still advises a variety of sports on strength training. Brek Christensen is the throwing coach at Rice University and also a long-standing GAIN member. Adam Kuehl was one of America’s best discus throwers and currently performance manager working with the US military.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 2:00 – One-legged squats and single leg strength.
  • 5:15 – Farm boy strength and other forms of non-traditional strength: “Some athletes develop strength more through daily life. They develop this innate tendon strength and tendon maturity. They haven’t been really in a structured program but you can do whatever you ask them to.”
  • 9:00 – Benefits of rucking and hiking: “In the offseason: go on a hike. We are anaerobic athletes, but you need some sort of aerobic base to allow you to train at higher and longer intensities. Traditional conditioning work is boring. At least hiking it can be social and you are in nature.”
  • 15:45 – Getting urban kids active again.
  • 20:30 – Dealing with the politics of coaching and getting it down.
  • 24:00 – KPI for P5 vs mid major schools.
  • 31:30 – Defining what you are best at as a coach: “A coach needs to reckon with themselves whether they are a good developmental coach, or are they good at fine tuning the smaller points. It is not either/or, but a good coach need to recognize their strengths.
  • 34:00 – Breaking through at Rice University.
  • 35:30 – Diagnosing American discus throwing.
  • 42:00 – The NCAA model and development of the discus.
  • 45:00 – New ideas and trends in throws training: “If you build a base in the offseason and then lose it by the end of the season. If you don’t continue to do it in some capacity, what was the point of doing it in the first place?”
  • 52:30 – More thoughts on peaking and planning for the competition season: “I used to plan a peak for one day, with everything tapered to one point. Vince Anderson told me coaches aren’t magicians. We can’t plan with such precision. We need more of a peaking phase. Once you are in the phase, mitigate you don’t need to change much.”

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