Now what?

You have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sports science. You know more scientific theories than Newton and Einstein combined. You can run a GPS tracking system and generate multiple spreadsheets; you know how to measure lactate. You can analyze sleep. You have done multiple free internships with professional teams. You are now applying for coaching jobs. Only one problem: can you coach? Do you understand the fundamentals of pedagogy? Can you make meaningful corrections based on the numbers you have gathered? Can you relate to the athletes you are working with in a language they can understand and apply?

This a huge problem today. We have coaches who can’t coach people. There is a lack of understanding of fundamental concepts. Coaching is about teaching and getting people better. It is not high tech; it is high touch work that demands a high degree of emotional intelligence. Where have all the coaches gone? There many are many solutions, none of which are comfortable. It demands looking at what master coaches have done over the years. Getting back to teaching models. Technology is part of the picture, but technology is only a tool in the coach’s toolbox.

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