Thoughts from morning walks and long bike rides

Here are 10 recent thoughts that came up on morning walks and long bike rides:

  • So often it is not about time, it about timing. Know why to do what you do and then find the right time.
  • “The generation that plants the tree is NOT the generation that gets the shade.”
  • Talent identification is hard! No formulas or algorithms. It takes enormous about of footwork and careful observation and analysis. Developing the talent to its full potential is even harder.
  • At each higher level of sport everything happens faster.
  • Forget barriers, they are just bumps in the road. Instead think about conquering new frontiers. Explore, push the envelope.
  • In the sprint stride – forget frontside and backside. Those are artificial constructs that take away from the whole action.
  • Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.
  • Why are injuries in sport continuing to trend up when more attention than ever is devoted to injury prevention?
  • Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.
  • Are you doing your job or just doing what you have to do to keep your job?