Tokyo Olympics in the rear view mirror

Well, the 2021 Olympics are in the books. It was an Olympics like no other. Great performances, disappointing performances, surprising performances, great upsets, in short just about everything you want to see in an athletic contest. But something was missing for me, and it wasn’t spectators.

The magic, the passion that has been ignited in me by the Olympics just wasn’t there. I think the added year dragging it out was part of the malaise that I felt. I had skin in the game, our swimmer from the Sarasota Sharks won a silver medal, an outstanding accomplishment in one of the toughest events in swimming. The extra year was to her benefit, but for many others it was too much mentally and physically.

I do think we need to rethink the Olympic games. For sure to downsize it would be a good place to start. Now we are looking at three years preparation rather than four. This presents interesting challenges. Over the next months I will be posting more on lessons learned from the games. Questions that have been raised. We can’t let this unique learning opportunity pass.