Center of the universe

You folks out there who self-identify as strength coaches, the weight room is not the center of the universe. If you are going to develop a complete adaptable athlete ready to thrive in the competitive arena, then strength & power are important, but there are many ways to develop those qualities outside the weight room.

The weight room is appropriate in certain phases of an athlete’s career and during a training year. It should never be the center of the athlete’s physical preparation unless they are a weightlifter. Too often the weight room becomes a dark hole where athletes disappear never to be seen again. Sure, they get “strong”, but to the detriment of other physical qualities without any consideration of the transfer of that strength to the actual sport. So many times, what is done in the weight room stays in the weight room. Take a step back and look at the big picture of developing the complete athlete. Get to know the sport you are preparing for, know the athlete’s position or event and above all get to know what the athlete needs. Be an athletic development coach not a strength coach.