HMMR Podcast Episode 260: Building a program (with Gary Schofield)

Just a short time ago, high school strength and conditioning coach was not a job. Now, across the US, more schools are hiring strength coaches. What makes a good program and how can coaches make the biggest impact at the youth level? On this week’s episode NHSSCA co-founder Gary Schofield joins us to look at these topics and more.

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Notes and quotes

Gary Schofield is the Director of Youth and High School Development at PLAE and the co-founder of the NHSSCA. With a background in athletic training and strength & conditioning, Schofield was the longtime head strength coach at Greater Atlanta Christian School.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 2:30 – What makes a good high school S&C program: “Sets reps and schemes are just commodities. A good program is about connections.”
  • 7:45 – Managing outside influences on athletes: “Coaching is like marriage: we can’t ask for commitment from the first date.”
  • 11:15 – Biases in coaching.
  • 15:00 – Searching for transfer and rethinking speed training: “Rather than focusing on straight acceleration speed we focus on how close can we get to our top acceleration speed in different vectors.”
  • 22:30 – The value of simple data and benchmarks/big data: “Having a sports scientist is fine, but in the end it is the coaches responsibility to understand and apply or not apply those things. Don’t hand your job over to anybody.”
  • 25:15 – Youth athletic development deficiencies.
  • 29:30 – Program evolution: “One of the biggest insults is if you say your program has been pretty much the same for 30 years. Everything has changed, so how can your program stay the same. The principles might stay the same, but the program evolves.”
  • 35:15 – Difference between coaching men and women.
  • 40:00 – Helping athletes find the next gear.
  • 43:30 – Communicating progress with parents.
  • 45:00 – Readiness and recovery: “I never had them long enough to over train them, but because of all the stuff they did outside of me they can still be under-recovered.”

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