I think I can

There will always be naysayers, doubters, and critics – If you listen to them, you will never progress. Never let them define you or hold you back. Put your head down and do the work.

Stick to your beliefs, the most important is the belief in yourself and your abilities. Do the work, keep plugging, prove them wrong. Eventually you will prevail, and they will be left in the dust. As I struggled in elementary school my mother would read “The Little That Could” to me. As I struggled in high school I came back to the book. I was told I could never play college football – I did. I was told I could never finish a decathlon after not having competed in track in college – I did. I was told I was not smart enough to go to college – I did. I was told you can never get into grad school at Stanford – I did. I was told that my ideas would never work in pro sport – They do. It all came down to belief, find people who believe in you and help you. Never look back, keep plugging and aim high. At 74 years of age, I take the message from “The Little Engine That Could” to heart every day. Thank you, mom, for not letting me give up. I think I can.