Looking back on 2021: top training resources

If I had to chose one word to define 2021 it would be chaos. If I had to choose another word, it would be growth. Through all the chaos HMMR Media saw a lot of growth this year: personal growth, educational growth, as well as new members and new content on the site. In 2020 our 35 contributors produced 52 podcast episodes, 176 articles, 9 premium video lessons, 10 monthly themes, 3 training programs, 48 research article summaries in our Sports Science Monthly, and dozens of new exercises to our movement library.

To help you sort through all the great content, we’ve assembled our top 30 articles, 10 podcasts, and 5 videos from the year. If you want more, you can browse our archives and also check out our top content from 2013201420152016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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Videos, podcasts, and themes

Each month this year we focused on a different monthly theme. Find links to each monthly theme below, as well as our top new videos and podcasts. For more content, become a HMMR Plus member and visit the HMMR Classroom.

Articles and training programs

Our roster of world-class coaches contributing to HMMR Media has grown to 35 this year, including 4 new authors: Dean Benton of Rugby Australia, Johnny Parkes of IMG Tennis, pole vault coach Herbert Czingon, and sprint/throws coach PJ Vazel. We’ve categorized our top 30 articles by topic below.

Sprint mechanics
  1. Analyzing the Olympic 100-meter sprints by Pierre-Jean Vazel
  2. Speed 101: the essence of it by Vern Gambetta
  3. Better speed through posture by Martin Bingisser
  4. How to start out in teaching the sprint start by Martin Bingisser
  5. Coaching speed for children by James Marshall
Sports Science
  1. 4 sports science research trends to keep an eye on by James de Lacey
  2. Coaching significance vs. statistical significance by Vern Gambetta
  3. How little can we do? by James de Lacey
  4. Sports science: moving beyond numbers by James Marshall
  5. On the folly of rewarding A, while hoping for B by Craig Pickering

More sports science research summaries are available in the Sports Science Monthly archive.