Some thoughts to start the new year

Here are some thoughts on my mind to start the new year:

  • Learn to embrace uncertainty.
  • Manage stress, don’t let it manage you.
  • Hard days must be hard – easy days must be easy. Nonnegotiable. Too much work done between hard and easy, AKA “Messy Middle” will dull adaptive response.
  • The farther you stray from the basics the more erratic and unpredictable the results will be.
  • Never forget that simplicity yields complexity.
  • Good plans are written in pencil and are always designed to fit the athlete
  • Sometimes you have to let them go and turn them loose and go for it.
  • If you are planning on doing the same thing as last year in training again this year, you will be a year behind.

And we have an exciting year ahead for the GAIN Network as well: the annual GAIN Conference is planned for June 14 to 18 at Rice University in Houston Texas. In the meantime it is not too late to sign up for the online GAIN Master Class series that runs through May.