Coloring outside the lines

Do you remember when you were a child, and you got your first coloring book and box of crayons? Remember the instructions to color inside the lines because that was the way you were supposed to it? You were praised for staying inside the lines.

I didn’t get much praise. It just did not make sense to me as a child, and it does not make sense to me today as an old man. Just look at all the space outside the lines. Why not use that space to improve and expand the picture? Always explore outside the lines. There is so much more there without any restraints. There is more room to grow and expand your knowledge and grow creatively. It may not be as clean and comfortable as staying within the lines, but real learning and change occur outside the lines.

Join us at GAIN 22022 where this year’s theme is: Coloring Outside the Lines. Go to the GAIN website to apply for GAIN. We hope to see you there in June for a transformative week of painting outside the lines.