Join us at GAIN 2022

Join us at GAIN 2022. GAIN is the global leader in coaching and athlete development. If you want the most impactful professional development experience that will challenge your thinking and improve your practice join the GAIN community of professionals. The emphasis at GAIN is on sharing ideas and challenging each other to grow. No dogma here, jut learning how to ask better questions. We learn from the faculty and from each other. The participants are diverse, across sports and disciples. The characteristic is the willingness to share and challenge each other to be better.

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GAIN is a special experience. It is career changing, it has been for me as the founder and those who have attended. This is not your typical clinic – it is plain and simple an experience in total immersion in learning. There is a blend of active learning opportunities, formal presentations, group discussion and informal discussion over meals and in the evening.

Johnny Parkes of IMG shares his thoughts on GAIN:

“GAIN has literally been a life changer for me. GAIN is way more than just an educational platform, it is a connection to world class knowledge and practioners. There is obviously value in any presentations you watch, however the power of GAIN is in the networking both at the event and way beyond. It has become my source of learning in connecting with experts in all realms of sports performance . . . GAIN is certainly no echo chamber, where cognitive diversity is welcomed with open arms. Challenging convention respectfully, while being open-minded provide an incredible nucleus for accelerated learning and development.

GAIN has helped me navigate the evolution of my coaching. I have been both a sport and athletic development coach, but more heavily on the sport coaching side. This platform helped me navigate a niche for myself in the tennis world by going all in on athletic development leadership, teaching and coaching for the sport I am most passionate about. I have learned how to apply my knowledge more skillfully for what matters in the transfer to successful outcomes for the athletes and populations I am serving.”

GAIN is about challenge. It’s fun to be surrounded by people that agree with you, but you need to find people that challenge you to truly improve. That’s why Greg Gatz (Director of Olympic Sports S&C @ UNC) keeps coming back and hopes you will too:

“GAIN has always set itself apart from any other conference I’ve attended. Vern, along with the GAIN faculty and members, foster the ability to step back from the status quo and challenge the traditional thought process of training and coaching. It is an invaluable resource that is surrounded by career-long professional relationships.”

See the schedule for the structure of the conference is below. To apply go to our website. Don’t wait, apply now as enrollment is limited. Looking forward to seeing you at GAIN.