Body of work

I am a coach who specializes in being a generalist. I do this by being a synthesizer, connecting the dots in seemingly disparate areas looking for similarities, differences and patterns that may not be readily apparent. I am a connector of people, believing in the powers of networks. I am also a simplifier, there is no need to make things more complicated. Performance is by its very nature chaotic so to profoundly affect performance staying simple focused on the basics works for me. Finally, I am an informed skeptic thoroughly schooled in the school of hard knocks through success and failure.

The picture of the books that I have written are reflection of passions for learning and sharing my craft. I am presentably working on two more books that I hope to finish in the next eighteen months. “The answer is there is no answer” Gertrude Stein. This is truer as I get older in my younger days, when I thought I had all the answers. Now I have more questions than answers.