USATF U20 National Championships (OR) Results

The World Junior Championships are taking place in Colombia in August and the best under-20 throwers in the US had a chance to qualify on Thursday at the USATF U20 National Championships. With the top two finishers earning a spot on the team, competition was tight.

High school national leader Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Woonsocket, RI) led the way with a win in the junior men’s competition. Men throw the international junior 6-kilogram hammer, but the heavier weight didn’t slow Robinson-O’Hagan down as he almost went further than his personal best with the lighter high school ball. Colin Burkhart, now a freshman at Penn State University, showed the big progress he has made this year with a silver medal finish to snag the last spot on the World Junior Championships team. His best mark with the heavier hammer easily surpassed his high school marks with the lighter hammer from last season. Prep thrower Jeremiah Nubbe (Rainier, WA) took bronze. The women’s competition dominated by collegiate throwers Emily Fink of West Point and UCLA’s Jillian Stafford. Katelyn Peterson (Dixon, CA) was the top high school finisher in fourth.

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2022 USATF U20 Championships
June 23, 2022
Haywayd Field, Eugene, OR

Men's U20 Hammer Throw (6-kilogram)
    Name                   School                  Finals
  1 Tarik Robinson-O'Hagan Ocean State Hammerheads 75.08m   246-04
  2 Collin Burkhart        Penn State Univ         72.58m   238-01
  3 Jeremiah Nubbe         Yelm Tornado Track Club 70.79m   232-03
  4 Scott Dochat           Penn                    66.19m   217-02
  5 Marshall Swadley       Southeast Missouri St   64.52m   211-08
  6 Sean Smith             Iowa                    64.32m   211-00
  7 Jacob Sun              Unattached              63.27m   207-07
  9 Garret Bernt           Northern Arizona Univ   58.85m   193-01
  9 Seth Allen             Retrain Track and Field 53.41m   175-02
  - Max Herman             Throw1Deep Club                    Foul
  - Michael Pinckney       Unattached                          DNS

Women's U20 Hammer Throw
    Name                   School                  Finals
  1 Emily Fink             US Military Academy     59.64m   196-08
  2 Jillian Stafford       UCLA                    59.52m   195-03
  3 Kali Terza             Kennesaw State Univ     58.14m   190-09
  4 Kately Peterson        Golden State Thrwoers   55.67m   182-07
  5 Natalia Surdej         Univ of Connecticut     53.86m   176-08
  6 Giavonna Meeks         Unattached              53.71m   176-02
  7 Kimberly Beard         Get Strong First TC     42.39m   139-01