The Athletic Development Omnibook: a coaching resource and handbook

Even though this book is titled the Athletic Development Omnibook, it is more like the 54th version of work that I started in 1969 when I was a student at UCSB. It began as a project for my “Foundations of Conditioning” class. That project required us to design a complete yearlong training program for our chosen sport. That began a yearly compilation of what I later called my “Means of Training” manual. It has taken many forms and formats over the years, but regardless of the format the goal always was to categorize and systematize my approach to training.

The latest iteration, I consciously use iteration instead of edition, is by far the most complete. It reflects the body of work compiled throughout my coaching career. All the other versions have mainly focused on the physical components of training. This iteration goes into detail on the human side of coaching and the foundations of pedagogy, hence the title omnibook. The term Omnibook is taken from a book that has had a profound influence on my career, the Track and Field Omnibook by Ken Dougherty. Ken set a high bar with his compilation of resources; I only hope I can match his level of achievement.

The goal is to have it completed by January. Right now on track to reach that goal.

  1. Introduction
  2. Prologue – My Coaching Journey
  3. Coaching the People Side
  4. Coaching Using the Science
  5. Coaching the Culture
  6. Coaching the Teaching Side – Applying Principles of Pedagogy
  7. Coaching the Preparation and Planning
  8. Coaching Foundational Movements
  9. Coaching the Physical Side – The Principles
  10. Coaching Postural (Core) Strength
  11. Coaching Strength/Power
  12. Coaching Explosive Power – Plyometrics
  13. Coaching Speed
  14. Coaching Agility (Multidimensional Movement)
  15. Coaching Work Capacity (Addressing Endurance Demands)
  16. Coaching Suppleness
  17. Coaching Recovery and Regeneration
  18. Coaching the Future