Training do’s and don’ts #4: More work or less work?

The most common default when making the choice between more work or less work in training is to do more. After all it is easier to quantify more jumps, more throws, more runs. Also, when working with developmental athletes they respond quickly to volume, so the temptation is to continue going down that path. What happens when the point of diminishing returns is reached? Now what?

The current mantra is that less is more. This can be good if it is clear what that means. Somewhere you must pay the piper and do the work. I believe confusion arises because of a lack of understanding of the distinction between quality and intensity. We tend to use them synonymously. To be clear quality is a measure of perfection, therefore it tends to be a bit more subjective. Intensity on the other hand is a measure of 100%. It is more quantifiable.

So here is the answer – there is no answer. It’s not more work or less work . . . it depends. It depends on many factors that must be taken into consideration, so it is not a binary decision. There are perils and pitfalls of more or less. Understand those and design training accordingly. There is a time for more and a time for less both in a training year and training career.