A regular and reliable resource: The Universal Traveler

The Universal Traveler is a resource I refer to periodically. In preparation for GAIN 2023 I reviewed it again because of its application to the theme: “Investing in the Process.” There is no better guide to the process.

I discovered it in 2006 when I concluded that coaching is a creative process more than anything else. This led me to an extensive search for resources that I could use. I found this referenced in a document from the Stanford D-School. It is elegant its simplicity. It was first published in 1972, well before the digital revolution, hence the reference to “soft systems’ in the title. This meant that everything had to be worked through step by step. No AI or computer algorithms to refer to – just experience, trial and error and deep commitment to process. It is a clear guide to problem solving and clear thinking through a systematic process. The PDF is available to download on Scribd. Check it out.