Top training resources of 2022

It’s been another year of learning on HMMR Media. In 2022 our 36 contributors produced 52 podcast episodes, over 100 articles, 4 premium video lessons, 6 site themes, 20 detailed research article summaries in our Sports Science Quarterly, and dozens of new exercises to our movement library.

To help you sort through all the great content, we’ve assembled our top 30 articles, 10 podcasts, and 5 videos from the year. If you want more, you can browse our archives and also check out our top content from 2013201420152016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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Videos, podcasts, and themes

Throughout the we focused on a different site themes. Find links to each monthly theme below, as well as our top new videos and podcasts. For more content, become a HMMR Plus member and visit the HMMR Classroom.

Articles and training programs

Our roster of world-class coaches contributing to HMMR Media has grown to 35 this year, including 4 new authors: Dean Benton of Rugby Australia, Johnny Parkes of IMG Tennis, pole vault coach Herbert Czingon, and sprint/throws coach PJ Vazel. We’ve categorized our top 30 articles by topic below.

Sprinting and Jumping
  1. Lessons on bounding by John Pryor
  2. Training do’s and dont’s: running technical model by Vern Gambetta
  3. Adding the hips into jump training by Martin Bingisser
  4. A guide to jumping for throwers by Martin Bingisser
  5. The power of instructions in jumping by Martin Bingisser
  1. 6 ways to start in the shot put by Martin Bingisser and Nick Garcia
  2. Embracing the riddle of movement by Kibwé Johnson
  3. 3 lessons to help find your throw by Martin Bingisser
  4. Teaching general and specific throwing skills by James Marshall
  5. What coaches can learn from watching kids throw by Martin Bingisser
Injuries and injury prevention
  1. A systems approach to hamstring injuries by Martin Bingisser and Dean Benton
  2. A systems approach to calf complex injuries by Dean Benton and Martin Bingisser
  3. Rethinking body armor for contact by Chris Kilmurrary
  4. A survival guide to hamstring injuries by Donie Fox
  5. The posterior chain by Vern Gambetta