It’s all a big dance

Look at sport differently, it is not all about speed, strength, power, it is all about rhythm and tempo, the ability to change shapes instantly. It is a big dance, a dance with the sport implement, with the opponent and with the ground.

Look at Steph Curry dancing with the basketball, Summer McIntosh dancing with the water, or Myklos Alekna dancing with the discus. We need to coach this. It may not be quantifiable as ground contact time, or one rep max. It is something the great ones have. It is something we should strive for as coaches. Dance – Dance – Dance!

Different sports have different rhythms and tempos, so does each athlete. Listen for it, feel it and coach it. You can hear a good pitch or a good swing. You can hear a great sprint. It can be heavy medal, country, Jazz or classical it all occurs. Let it happen, get away from creating robots who are stiff and segmented. Allow the athlete to express themselves through movement. Allow then to break through and feel the rhythm.