GAINcast Episode 273: The ACL

The start of the recent women’s World Cup in soccer has turned focus to the rash of ACL injuries in the sport, and the particular impact it has had on female players. On this week’s GAINcast Vern looks at the structure of the knee, risk factors for injuries, and what coaches can do to help reverse trends for women and men.

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Key quotes and topics

  • 1:00 – Introduction
  • 1:15 – History of ACL injuries and female athletes
  • 3:00 – Physical education and preparation: “If you don’t have movement ABCs, there’s trouble to spell movement words, there’s trouble to make sentences.”
  • 4:30 – Risk factors
  • 9:15 – Structure of the knee: “If you want to talk about ACL injuries you have to understand the structure. The knee is stuck in the middle with no place to go. You can do all the work you want with the knee, but ankle and hip movement can often be more helpful.”
  • 10:45 – Physical training considerations
  • 13:00 – ACL research: “More important than new research on ACL injuries, what we need what to do is organize the research. A lot of good work has already been done.”
  • 15:15 – Fixture congestion and finding time for physical preparation
  • 17:15 – Final thoughts

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