HMMR Podcast Episode 304: Summer time

It’s the summer time, which means championship season for track and field, and offseason training for many other sports. On this week’s podcast we recap the latest throwing results from the US championships, discuss summer training, and also cover common mistakes when implementing the Bondarchuk method.

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Key quotes and topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction.
  • 1:45 – Recaping US nationals
  • 9:00 – Summer training: “When you’re planning summer training for college athletes, I think the coach has to ask, what are you going to have access to?”
  • 14:45 -Managing multiple championships
  • 17:45 – Common errors with the Bondarchuk method: “Common errors with the Bondarchuk: be patient don’t change things too quickly, keep it simple and don’t put in too many exercises, and don’t goo to heavy as the volume adds up quickly.”
  • 23:15 – Volume and tapering: “People think tapering is all about tapering in the weight room. You need to taper on the field too. We want to give the muscles some rest, so we also need to rest the muscle we use the most in our sport.”
  • 25:00 – Finding variation when things are the same.

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