USATF U20 Championships (OR) Results

The USATF U20 Championships, the top junior throwers in the coutnry (born on January 1, 2005 or after) met to fight for the title of national champion, as well as potential spots on Team USA for the World U20 Championship in Peru in August. In the men’s competition, college freshman dominatetd with Ryan Johnson (Eastern Michigan University) and Parker Kim (Columbia University) claiming the two World Championship team spots. In the girl’s competition Jordan Koskondy (University of Illinois) took the win. Sophomore Kim Beard (Kings, Shoreline, WA) took silver. However as she does not have the World’s qualifying standard of 57.50 meters, the final spot on the team goes to third place finisher Jenna Gallaway (USC).

USATF U20 Championships 2024
June 12, 2024
Hayward Field, Eugene, OR

Men Hammer Throw U20 Results
  Pl Athlete                   Yr Team                                          Time
   1 Ryan Johnson                 Eastern Michigan University                 71.06m 
   2 Parker Kim                   Devils TC-NY                                68.32m 
   3 Noa Isaia                    Arkansas State University                   65.46m 
   4 Evan Martinez                Momentum Throws                             64.37m 
   5 Aidan Ifkovits               Unattached                                  64.17m 
   6 Phillips Moore               Throw1Deep Club                             63.60m 
   7 Michael Griffey              Grand Valley State University               63.38m 
   8 Devyn Steingisser            Unattached                                  59.98m 
   9 Caleb Kaplan                 Unattached                                  58.16m 
  10 Stuart Stovall               Cornerstone University                      58.06m 
  11 Matthew Auble                Clemson University                          57.10m 
  12 Jake Stafford                U C L A                                     56.95m 
  13 Lander Marak                 SuperThrowerTrackClub                       56.63m 
  14 Easton Hatleberg             Momentum Throws                             55.86m 
  15 Mark Cyr                     So Cal Track Club                           55.78m 
  16 Andrew Turner                SuperThrowerTrackClub                       55.67m 
  17 Tyler Bates                  Unattached                                  52.91m 

Women Hammer Throw U20 Results
  Pl Athlete                   Yr Team                                          Time
   1 Jordan Koskondy              Illinois                                    60.56m 
   2 Kimberly Beard               Get Strong First Track Club                 56.86m 
   3 Jenna Gallaway               U S C                                       56.63m 
   4 Adrianna Coleman             California                                  55.72m 
   5 Joia Perry                   Central Arkansas                            53.63m 
   6 Mary Ella Brooks             Unattached                                  52.14m 
   7 Sydney Brewster              Montana State University-Bozem              50.61m 
   8 Ruby Jordan                  Utah State                                  49.15m 
   9 Kendra Dye                   Clemson University                          49.14m 
  10 Sophie Bidwell               Ohio State                                  48.24m 
  11 Naomi Woolfolk               Ole Miss                                    47.98m 
  12 Emma Brensdal                Montana State University-Bozem              44.81m 
  13 Abigail Gavrilovic           Orange Coast College                        42.77m 
  -- Maya Steines                 Kennesaw State University                     FOUL 
  -- Addison Stadsholt            Unattached                                    FOUL