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From Discus Drills To Discus Performance

Imitations have always been a huge part of my technical development. Hours and hours of work in front of a mirror, before every single throws session and in between lifting sets. But when I was a developing junior I did do some imitations but never really in a structured manner. It’s dangerous to drill movements repetitively without purpose or meticulous attention to detail. Especially as a junior, where we need to create the foundations for career-long development and prevent having to “undo” bad habits

A Good Coach Knows

Being an athlete is not normal. The lifestyle is not normal. The workload is not normal. The stress is also not normal. From the outside looking in things seem so glamorous. Oh how wonderful it must be to travel the world and compete doing what you love and being paid for it. Media attention. People adore you and aspire to be just like you are. The truth is, the outsider really has no idea.