Entries by Dean Benton and Martin Bingisser

A structured process to improve training quality

In the age of big data, quantities have taken over the attention of many coaches. Quality, on the other hand, often takes a back seat as it is not as easily put in a spreadsheet. Yet when we look at high performance, quality is the factor that defines coaching and performance. High training quality is the basis of world-class coaching; it is what separates excellent from average coaching. Quality of performance in the arena is also directly proportional to quality of the preparation. You cannot hope for high quality performance with low quality preparation.

A systems approach to hamstring injuries

There is a strange phenomenon when it comes to hamstring injuries. With most other injuries, we tend to point the finger at movement. What caused an ACL tear or shoulder pain? Bad mechanics or the athlete put themselves in a bad position. But what caused the hamstring injury? Weakness most often gets the blame. Why do we think about hamstring injuries differently? Could a change in mindset help us reverse the concerning hamstring injury trends in many sports?