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Becoming an Olympian

A few nights ago while watching the Sochi Olympic Games, I had an epiphany. I had competed in one of these fantastic spectacles! It wasn’t on ice or snow, but wow, I…did…that (#IDIDTHAT). The 2012 games in London represented the 16th year that I had thrown a discus! I remember thinking during the Olympic training […]

For Starters…Dress Rehearsal #1

I have been busy training, getting prepared and neglecting my blog for over a month now. I have been throwing a LOT… enough that I have kind of lost touch with the world outside the ring. To get anyone interested caught up, I have been throwing 8 sessions weekly in the discus and about 560 throws weekly (including special strength)for the last 5 weeks. This includes 2k discus 1.85k, 4k, and 2.5k. My moves are a bit better at the moment with the 2.5k and I have a training best of 56m with it (goal=60m by May). I am coming into good condition though I’m really tired, which is a pretty interesting feeling. I was a bit sick 10 days ago and even during that time I didn’t have a problem throwing around 63m with the 2k every day. I have a goal to throw over 68m in the USA before the 1st Diamond League meeting in Doha.

USA Discus Debacle Part III: Mid-range Domestic Pro

We have already examined quite a few things in this series and today I will talk about what I call the Mid-range Domestic Pro. If you are just tuning in it may be helpful for you to go back and read my first two installments of the USA Discus Debacle.

In the USA we have an unbelievable system of development for athletes up until their collegiate eligibility runs out. The NCAA and other Collegiate Associations are doing a pretty good job identifying and developing junior and university age talents. Where we fail is the lack of a national bridge program for our athletes. Many people, who I believe are mistaken in their concept, feel that the lack of medal contenders in the discus is related to our lack of high quality athletes competing. I for one consider my self a quite good athlete and feel this to be utter bullshit.

Training Update w/ Video

I figured that I would take a quick break from my series of posts about the USA discus and give everyone an update on my training.

After a bittersweet end to the 2011 season, I planned for a psychological rest period between the World Championships in Daegu and the Pan American Games. After a brief physical break of a week, I restarted my training for 2012 promptly. During this 1st training cycle I still considered myself on a mental rest.

USA Discus Debacle Part II: The Home Phenomenon and Prevailing

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and that you had a great holiday season. Last time I left off talking about how well discus throwers do near home. As an athlete who has competed around the world, I can really appreciate when athletes throw well quite far from home, especially right after a long trip/ time change. This is quite the rarity in our sport and more often than not the comfort of home or near home results in the biggest distances.

USA Discus Debacle: Breaking Down the BS

Over the last month or so I have been steadily trianing hard and working to become better. Between training sessions and at night when I am putting my son to bed, I do alot of thinking, dreaming and breaking down of BS. I have been approached by people about the state of the discus throw in the USA and the state of our other throwing events. Once upon I time, I also read the forums and got into the net chat about these topics. What I have to say may enlighten, offend, bring joy to or infuriate readers. It’s ok though, I have handled worse. This is my take, part I of the USA Discus Debacle.

The Next Level

The year of 2011 has brought me many highs and lows. I have seen my share of bad days and my greatest day ever so far, the birth of my son. I found my way into a major champs final after a subpar season but then lost my best throw at World Champs of 65m to a slight foot foul. I lost a job of 8 years and my trust in some, but gained a large amount of perspective and from that I have derived that it is time that Jason E. Young go to THE NEXT LEVEL in the discus.

I Remebered I Have a Blog!

The other day I was talking with a friend and they asked me about my blog? Wow, I hadn’t been there in ages. It would be a good time now because my season has started off well. After some rough times over the past few years, I am finally coming into my own in discus. I should give more updates but I get wrapped up into daily life and forget. I am training well and my throws are good. PR 69.90m and so far no meet under 65.98m. My last competition was 66m and pretty calm conditions. I can throw far!!! Thanks to Mac Wilkins for the “secrets” lol.

Well, the training must continue!

This past season was full of ups and downs. The start of the season provided some bad happenings in my personal life and this seemed to put a strain on the rest of the season. After starting my season off the right way, I started to tinker with my training and technique. I had a plan and then decided to go away from it. Nearing the trials, I was plagued with lots of bad luck and injuries. Over the last 16 days of preparation, everything started to go wrong. Sickness, muscular injuries, nerve injuries and even none throwing related injuries! After all of this, I can say that I was prepared for the trials about 5-6 weeks after it was over.