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With two throws left in my last training session before leaving for the Tucson Elite Throwers Classic, we changed my entry from a step back, to starting with both feet to the back of the ring for a more static approach. Crystal pointed out that I’ve had the tendency to step out much too wide when I prepared to enter off of the second wind. Needless to say, it was interesting feeling my way through this new entry on the fly and at meet speed. I did ok, but I left a couple more good throws on the table, including one that was just short of 76m again in the second meet. So you know I wasn’t pleased about that.

I Am a Fine Wine

Ok, I’m a box o’ wine. I’m not too proud!

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” -Stephen Hawking

Age does funny things to the human athlete. How we adapt to it is possibly more important than competing itself. How one adapts may be the difference between having a prolonged career and retirement.

My Coaching Philosophy

I’ve launched my online coaching academy: The eCademy of Throws! This is a venture I starting to not only be able to reach more athletes at a younger age, but to meet the demand of athletes looking for quality coaching without having to move thousands of miles. Too many of our fine athletes are lost to the real world in the purgatory that is the post collegiate and signed athlete.

New Lessons in the Weight Throw

First lets back up. Kamloops has an annual indoor meet called the Van Wryswick Invitational. This year it was on Valentine’s Day weekend and the weight happened to be contested just as we were finishing our second session of the day. Bondarchuk thought it’d be fun if we competed. I threw a result that led me to believe I could make some money at USA Indoors. So I went to Boston!


A rivalry between two athletes or teams can be something truly incredible to witness. Ali vs Frazier. Magic vs Bird. Palmer vs Nicklaus. All of these athletes were incredible to watch on their own, but when they performed in opposition, special things were bound to happen.

My Favorite Songs of 2014

Love music? Me too! Music plays an important role in an athletes life. Be it while training, pre-meet preparations, hanging out relaxing with friends and family, or smashing the iron in the weight room. Over the last year, here are some of my favorite songs. Hope you find something you like. Enjoy! ?

My Off-Season Training Plan

Over the weekend Throwholics posted an interview with me about my off-season preparations and plans. You can read it over on their site and they’ve let us repost it here. This is just one of many from their series of off-season training updates. Nearly every day they are posting interviews with elite throwers around the world, including our own Martin Bingisser and lots of great hammer throwers. Check out all of their updates so far by clicking here.

The Push Point™

There is a precise point during the throw where the active motion in the turn goes from a pull to a push. I call this the Push Point™ (a little Phil Dunphy reference). In order to push, you must have both feet on the ground for double support. There is no grey area. Pulling isn’t […]

Throws Unlimited Interview

A couple weeks ago I did an interview with Kristy Woods of Throws Unlimited. We covered a lot about my background and experiences, as well as some general training questions. Check it out below if you’re interested.