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Can New IAAF Standards Resurrect USA Men’s Hammer?

Yesterday the IAAF has released the new standards for next year’s World Championships in Beijing. If you’re not yet aware, it was already made public that they wanted a standard that would fill roughly 75% of the field. Then if needed, they would fill in the rest of the fields from the world list. Personally, I think the standard should be 77m, but that’s beside the point.


I used to throw because it came easy.
Then I threw because it challenged me.
Then I threw to be a champion.
Then I threw to to do something that had never been done.
Then I threw to be an Olympian.

Up Next

I threw a season best in training yesterday so I was inspired to write! Not because it was a far result, it most certainly wasn’t. It was almost a SB regardless of training or competition, though. The distance isn’t what makes me happy. In fact, the distance is paltry compared to what my training level “used to be”. But that’s just it. Our sport is brutally a “what have you done for me, lately?” culture. And as such, I feel I should hold myself to that standard. What I have done is all well and good, but since I haven’t retired yet, what I am doing now is really all that matters. So as I claw my way back, I will gladly take every single little victory in my path. Taking smaller steps will still get you to the mountain top.

USAs Recap

Almost a week after competing in Sacramento, I find myself still annoyed by the result. Probably more so now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely happy to win a third title in four years. Avenging my inability to win last season due to injury. And honestly, the only objective was to win. Regardless of distance. Mission accomplished!

Technique is a Myth

The wife, Crystal, has just returned from an Ido Portal Movement-X course. In it, the instructors spoke a lot about making pragmatic choices that work for you and your body. The idea being that there is not one specific way for an individual to do what’s required. I already had most of this post written, but decided to add to it because that’s an important point that I think needs to be taken more seriously within the throwing community.

Worrying is Wasted Imagination

With it being conference championship weekend, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts to improve your readiness to compete at your highest level. Your coaches have you all in great physical shape, the rest of your preparation comes from your mental shape. The mightiest of athlete can be felled by a weaker mind. So let’s keep it tight, y’all!

The Epidemic

A friend recently sent me a video of a competition throw from the 2007 season. Holy crap was it horrendous. Now, I never once said I had good technique. So it is what it is. I knew what my strengths were and I used them. All the while trying to improve my existing technique in training. (And knowing that there was more to me than being an “athlete throwing hammer”). I did realize early on in my career that constant learning and striving for improvement is absolutely required.

So this video got me thinking… I don’t look like that anymore. So what’s the biggest difference?