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Holla Atcha Boy

High jumper Jamie Nieto just posted an interview he did with me back in April for his YouTube series Holla Atcha Boy. Jamie is a two-time Olympian. Like me he is competes for NYAC and was a finalist in London. He also placed fourth back in 2004 where he jumped 7’8″. We had a quick chat about my experience in London, the hammer throw, and what I do outside the ring.

Your Orbit Tells a Story

Yuriy Sedykh's orbit during the 1976 Olympics.My first week back training for the 2014 season, Bondarchuk mentioned something in passing about the hammers orbit he had just witnessed during a throw. I felt it was way too important not to ask follow up questions! Long story short, he basically said based on the orbit throughout the throw, he knows exactly what issues there may be. He’s seen millions of throws from thousands of athletes. And that was before he left Russia! So this was an interesting perspective to me. Akin to Neo “seeing” the matrix code.

Weight throw to #Portland2016?

This is my first post as part of Martin’s new HMMR media venture! I’m happy to be part of it and hope you all enjoy the benefits of his vision for a one stop shop for training.

Should meet organizers for the world indoor championships add the weight to the program? I think I agree with Martin that it is a good idea. Maybe even a great idea. After the success of the hammer Olympic Trials at the Nike campus, this too is an opportunity to seize in the interest of promoting the sport. I can’t say that I would compete, but the show should go on regardless.

2013 Season 2.0

Well, I won’t be in Moscow for World Championships. Injury and lack of proper training was too much to overcome. I’m not happy about it, but it’s a part of the game.

But honestly, I wasn’t too mad. I gave my best effort at nationals, and gradually it’s gotten better. I didn’t think it would take three months to heal, but hey…

So What’s the Plan?

This is officially the start of the last week of training I have to qualify for the Moscow World Championships. The odds are stacked against me. If memory serves me right, I’ve only thrown over 79m twice when it wasn’t a championship scenario with a well thought out peak condition. But with Dr. Bondarchuk, I like my chances.

Because of my hand and subsequent abysmal placing at US championships in June, I am in the position to chase the standard required for the team. I am taking one more opportunity to go after the A standard on July 19 at the BC Championships Jamboree in Kamloops. Honestly, this was the only serious opportunity to try and achieve the standard. A throw in excess of 79m is nothing to scoff at, and I was knowingly in no condition my last two competitions to even sniff that mark. Next friday, I hope to be in at least 77m shape where I could then possibly let will power take over.

Drug Cheats: Friend or Foe

Through social media, I’ve seen several responses to the revelation of the failed drug test from a prominent and obviously fan friendly sprinter. People seem genuinely saddened and hope that it’s not true, etc… Makes me think about how I used to view drug cheats, versus how I view them now– in my advanced age. (Jokes)

Old Man Hammer

I’m wondering aloud if I am now one of those veterans I’ve frequently heard about. The ones that throw a certain, seemingly ‘short’ distance in training relative to competition. It seems the trend lately in the hammer is for one or two of the medalist at the championship that year to have shortened seasons, only focusing on the major championship. Where they then produce that fantastic result. I began writing this blog last night, unaware that Martin had written one on “Finding the right Rhythm“, which he published today. I’ll get to why I bring that up.


The next four weeks will really let me know what kind of shape I will be in for the early going of the season. I am at training camp right now. So I’ve gotten to see my hammers fly, which has been nice. But I haven’t been lighting the world on fire just yet. Well, to my standards anyway. Dr. B has returned to Kamloops, I will return in a week and a half. Him being gone leaves me in the position to really focus on myself and what we’ve been trying to accomplish lately. Which I’m happy to report has been going very well. I feel like a grown up hammer thrower!

Time Capsule

Today I wrote a post to be saved in my “time capsule”. It’s short term, but you get the point. I will revisit this capsule when the 2013 season is completed and share the goals I set. And most importantly, which ones I met.