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The Amazing Body

I am continually amazed and fascinated by the body and how it works. I can’t get over it! Crystal and I were just talking about this the other day. As the body gets itself into a ‘good state’ as Bondarchuk calls it, I can feel it happening. Peak condition is the epitome of good state. Last week, for about 2 and a half days I was completely useless to try and throw harder than 60%. (arbitrary number, I know.) It just ends up being wild, I can’t control myself in the ring, and the ball doesn’t go far. Our body awareness is never as good, I may even seem a bit forgetful and clumsy. I have finally gotten used to the fact that when the nervous system says it isn’t there, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. I can accept it now and I just work for the best technical throws I can accomplish with much less effort. These are now great training days as well.

2011 Season Goals

The 2011 season is on the horizon. Tomorrow we are finally going back to training outside. We went in for winter training on November 17th. This was the earliest we had gone in since winter 2008. Also the second latest to head back outside. So to say that I’m itching to watch my hammer  fly further than 9m is an understatement. However, just like last year, I have a faint sense of anxiety about it. Not as much as last year. No doubt because I had a lot to prove to people then, starting with myself. I’m beginning to think this faint anxiety is just good, nervous energy. I know my technique is better than last year and therefore my distances will be as well. I just want to get out there!

Smile. That’s life!

I am writing this in the wake of a minor traffic accident last week. Everyone involved is perfectly well, so no worries.

In the process of Crystal explaining to Dr. Bondarchuk what had happened, he reiterated to us that all you can do at the end of the day is smile. Smile for the things you can control, and especially for the things that you can’t control. He also said, “this is life.” Things happen, you have to move on. All the while with that endearing smile on his face. He’s like that wise old uncle who never says much, but it’s always the right thing when you need to hear it. Plus, there are bigger things to worry about than a busted front end. Without getting in to any one particular social issue, you get my point.

Swag Vol. 2

Since posting my most recent blog last Thursday, I’ve gotten quite a few requests to expand on some of the points that I mentioned. So I’m going to try and address as much of that as possible with my personal experience and other information.

I personally have not always been so confident in sport. It’s definitely something that I have had to cultivate over time. I think like everything else we do in sport, it takes practice. And practice make perfect. Controlling your emotions is very important. Being both over-stimulated or under-stimulated are things you don’t want. Having your emotions more in check will give you better success. You are driven by emotion, the important point is to know when to change your expectations.

The Importance of Swag in Athletics

Urban Dictionary defines Swag as “the way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor.” I will reiterate. Swag is confidence. And confidence is power in the athletics world.

In my opinion, swag and faith go hand in hand. The best athletes in the world are made average by having no swag. It’s an extremely sensitive thing. This is probably why sport psychology seems to be taking off more these days. There is a business in helping athletes not only get an edge, but learning how to maintain that edge. Aside from natural talent, swag is the most powerful asset an athlete has at his or her disposal. Here are some helpful tips.

Welcome 2011!

It’s been a busy time the last month! Our training partner Michael Letterlough got married on his home island of Grand Cayman. It was beautiful and we used this time as a mini honeymoon as well. Although I’m told I owe her a “real” honeymoon…. 🙂 From there we went to Las Vegas for New Years and a week long training camp so we can throw outside. (such a luxury that has become! lol)

USATF Throws Summit: Recap

The USATF Throws Summit was held at the Las Vegas Hilton last weekend and I was able to take part. At first I had a few reservations. I just began my training for the 2011 season a week before the conference and I don’t like missing training time. But Dr. B said it would be fine. Second, I have sat in on the same presentation more than once on a couple topics such as biomechanics, nutrition, and sports psychology. Knowing what I know now about the correct way to throw a hammer, most of what the biomechanists have said is either just plain wrong, or a bit misguided. Fortunately, this was a VERY good Summit, and I’m very happy I went.