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Looking beyond the height: a guide to vertical jump testing

The vertical jump. The king of the combines that can make or break athletes contracts. Everyone is in awe of the height of the vertical jump. I remember as a kid, we would compete to see who could touch the highest up on the basketball net and then eventually the backboard. We jump so much that our bodies have figured out how to get the highest jump for ourselves. We want to be the king of the playground, or in my case, not the worst on the playground, so we developed this strategy about how to jump the highest.

Getting the Most From Assisted and Resisted Bands

Recently, I was having a discussion with Nick Garcia about velocity and bands, and an interesting point came up—one that I have heard from time to time—and thought I’d address it. When utilizing resistance bands for squatting, they are most often used in one of two ways: as a resistive force or as an assistive force. Each has its own unique stimulus on the body and can be utilized for different means. The purpose of this article is to discuss how and why to use which style of band loading in training for athletes.