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GAINcast Episode 180: Sub 2 (with Dr. Michael Joyner)

Dr. Michael Joyner has been writing about the limits of human performance for decades and back in 1991 was one of the first to analyze the possibility of a sub 2-hour marathon. On this episode of the GAINcast, Joyner breaks down recent two hour attempts, the role of technology in pushing performance forward, and what trends he sees on the horizon for endurance athletes.

The decade in review: top training conent

HMMR Media was officially founded in 2013, but its roots trace back to the personal blog I started in 2007. During the past decade we’ve grown from one contributor (me) to 27 authors. We’ve posted thousands of articles, podcasts, and videos. And we’ve learned a lot about training throughout the whole process. Below are some highlights from the past decade on HMMR Media.

New Balance Games (NY) Results

Natalia Surdej (Lancaster, NY) improved her best on her final attempt at this weekend’s New Balance Games at the Armory. Currently ranked third in the nation, she continues to close in on the 60 foot barrier. Collin Burkhart (Nazareth Area, Nazareth, PA) also improved again en route to the boy’s title.

GAINcast Episode 179: GAIN 2020 sneak peek

GAIN 2020 is coming up in June and today we’re announcing all the details about this year’s event. Once again GAIN is bringing together some of the top minds from a variety of fields and sports. Listen in to this week’s GAINcast for a full preview of the event, including background on all of our presenters and an inside look at what will be new in 2020.

Sports Science Monthly – January 2020

Every month we take a deep dive into the latest research in sports science. This month we start off by what exactly mental toughness is. We also summarize topics like the limited science of elite sprinting, connecting sprint speed to endurance performance, the load of warming up, periodizing skill acquisition, and more.

Rock N’ Roll Throw-Off (NY) Results

After a stellar indoor season in 2019, Monique Hardy (Webster Thomas, Webster, NY) got off to a slow start this year. But that changed on Saturday at the Rock N’ Roll Throw-Off, where she hit a new season’s best to claim the national lead. Hometown thrower Natalia Surdej (Lancaster, NY) also had a personal best in second place, while Sean Smith (Webster Thomas, Webster, NY) improved his best to win the boy’s competition.

HMMR Podcast Episode 214: Finding your throw (with Suzy Powell-Roos)

As we entered a new century it had been 30 years since an American woman ranked top 10 in the world. Suzy Powell-Roos led a group of throwers that changed that and put the event on the map globally for the US. On this week’s podcast, the 3-time Olympian and former American record holder joins us to look back at her throwing career and look ahead at her coaching career.

Dartmouth Relays (NH) Results

After throwing just a half inch under his best on Friday at the Yale Interscholastic Classic on Friday, national leader Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) added nearly a half foot to his best on Sunday at the Dartmouth Classic. William Cauley (Barrington, RI) also broke 70 feet for the first time in the competition, while his teammate Madison McGloin (Barrington, RI) won the girl’s competition.

URI Rhody Classic (RI) Results

After adding nearly two feet to her personal best on Friday, Alliya Boothe (Bloomfield, CT) improved again on Saturday to win the URI Rhody Classic. Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) was just inches under his best to win the boy’s competition.