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HMMR Podcast Episode 250: The ultimate Olympic Trials throws preview

It seemed like the Olympics might never arrive, but all of a sudden the tryouts for the world’s best team are here. That’s right, the US Olympic Trials start this week and we’ve got an in depth preview of all the throwing events together with guest Kibwé Johnson. In addition to sharing our predictions, we also discuss format changes in the field events, what makes a championship environment different, the resurgence of American hammer throwing, and much more.

Rhode Island Class Championships (RI) Results

Top throwers from Rhode Island competed across three class championships over the weekend. Sophia Gallucci (Coventry, RI) led the way with a new state lead to win the Class A competition in Coventry. On the boy’s side favorite Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) fouled out and John Fay (Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI) stepped up for the win, coming with inches of his personal best to win by more than 15 feet.

Ohio High School Hammer Championship (OH) Results

Ohio’s high school hammer champion took place on Sunday, crowning two new state champs and seeing new boy’s and girl’s state leads as well. Nathan Borgan (Lancaster, OH) added nearly 20 feet to his best to win the boy’s title, and Ella Riga (Leipsic, OH) also had a big improvement to win the girl’s championship.

GAINcast Episode 217: At the apex (with Sasha Rearick)

Sasha Rearick is turning a corner in his career. After a decade as head U.S. men’s alpine coach and two decades with the federation, he’s starting a new job guiding on of the world’s top ski academies. He’s bringing with him all the experience and lessons he’s learned throughout his career and joins this week’s podcast to discuss the demands of skiing and his approach to preparing the world’s top skiers.

Rhode Island Division Championships (RI) Results

Top throwers from Rhode Island competed across four division championships over the weekend. State leader Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) had the best mark from the boy’s across all divisions. He edged out teammate Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Woonsocket) to win the Northern Division. John Fay (Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI) broke 220 feet for the first time to win the Central Division with the second best mark overall. On the girl’s side Sophia Gallucci (Coventry, RI) was just two feet off of her state lead to win the Southern Division and produce the best mark overall. In the Northern Division Hayley Chartier (Lincoln, RI) added more than 15 feet to her best for the win and second best mark over all divisions

May 2021 in review: medicine ball training

The site theme in May was medicine ball training. As one of the most versatile training tools available, there is a lot you can do with a medicine ball. Throughout the month we shared some practical examples of how top coaches are using medicine ball training, as well as programming tips. Below we have links to all our new and archived content on the topic, including 5 new articles, 2 new videos, and 2 new podcasts from 8 contributors.