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HMMR Podcast Episode 317: Q&A

On this week’s episode we dig back into to the listener mailbag. Some of the topics we cover: overcoming competition anxiety, the truth behind range throwing, fixing technique, maintaining physical qualities, our favorite presenters, and even a special story about coaching Jeremy Allen White.

5/9/24 U.S. High School Hammer Throw List

This week’s national performance lists were highlighted by a big improvement from Shamrock Thoun (Woonsocket, RI). He improved his personal best by 16 feet, launching the sophomore from 15th to 2nd in the nation.

HMMR Podcast Episode 316: Individualizing training (with Paul Solberg)

A lot of coaches like to talk about building individualized training plans, but more often that not their athlete’s programs start looking all the same. Paul Solberg is a bit different. He’s coaching some of the world’s top throwers, and they take very different approaches to reach the same goal. He joins us on this week’s podcast to share his process for understanding athletes, tailoring training plan, training intensities, building training blocks, and much more.

GAINcast Episode 281: Presentation zen (with Garr Reynolds)

Communication is the cornerstone of coaching. Garr Reynold’s best-selling book Presentation Zen explains how to reach the audience through simplicity and storytelling. He joins us on this weeks’ GAINcast to discuss how these lessons can be helpful for coaches as well, including insights on editing, simplicity, material, and methods.

HMMR Podcast Episode 315: How the coaches train

We often talk on the show about how coaches train their athletes. On this week’s podcast we turn the tables and look at how coaches train themselves. Finding time to squeeze a workout in is not always easy, and neither is balancing age, family, and many other factors. Our friends Carissa Sain, David Maris, and Donie Fox join us to share their tips.

Adidas Indoor Track Nationals (VA) Results

After winning in an upset at Nike Indoor Nationals last week, Phillips Moore (Westminister Schools, Atlanta, GA) baked up his win with another title at the Adidas Track Nationals on Saturday. In the girl’s competition Hannah Alexander (Noblesville, IN) won the title. Both Alexander and Moore also broke the meet records en route to victory.