Entries by Martin Bingisser

Brown University Track and Field Classic (RI)

Junior Alec Faldermeyer (Minisink Valley, Slate Hill, NY) improved his personal best on Friday at the Brown University Classic in Providence, RI. The New York Native won the competition by nearly nine feet with a toss of 74’01.50″. Mike Gama (Bishop Hendricken, Warwick, RI) took second place. Nicole Heinl (Barrington, RI) won the girl’s competition […]

Year in Review; Year in Preview

I have ended the year on a good note.  Coach Bondarchuk reduced my training volume to approximately 25 percent of its normal level this week.  The extra rest has paid off.  Today I threw 61 meters (200-00) with the heavy 8-kilogram (17.6-pound) hammer.  That is little more than one foot off of my personal best with that weight.  Add in six more months of training, a little warmer weather, and the adrenaline of competition, and hopefully some good throws will result in 2009.

Merry Christmas

I just returned to Seattle for the holidays and was greeted by an unusual site in Seattle: a foot of fresh snow.  Training in the snow is one of my favorites parts of the season.  The air is always quite and cool and I feel very relaxed.  But then again, walking around in ice and snow with shoes that have absolutely no traction can get tiresome quickly.  My training has come together a lot in the past few weeks.  The step back I took in November has been translating into continued progress recently.  Coach B told me on Friday that my general strength and fitness level are both great right now, creating collateral improvements in my throw.  Unfortunately, I cannot update you on my training distances since the winter weather in Kamloops and Seattle has kept me throwing inside against a wall (temperatures have consistently been hovering between 0º and -10º Fahrenheit).  I’ll be posting some distances once the snow melts.

Offseason News and Updates

Junior Conor McCullough (Chaminade, West Hills, CA) came in third in the voting for Track and Field News’ High School Athlete of the Year. McCullough had a stellar seasons where he not only set the national record, but also placed second at the IAAF World Junior Championships as one of the youngest competitors. Former high […]

December Video Update

With previous coaches, I found that video analysis was essential to fine-tune my technique.  Since working with Dr. Bonarchuk, however, I no longer feel the need to watch as much video.  I trust that he knows what he is talking about and just do as he says.  However, it is still helpful to watch video occasionally to visualize what he is talking about.  It has been too long since I have done this.  Below is a video we took at an indoor training session this week.  I was throwing the competition 16-pound hammer.

Field vs. Track

Congratulations to the University of Washington women’s cross country team for their recent national title. While it was an exciting season to follow, its end means that the track and field season is near. TrackShark.com, the internet’s leading track and field news site, just published a good article on their front page that discusses how the field events often take a back seat to the running events in our sport.

Glen Martin Bingisser, Esq.

It is official. I received my results from the bar exam last week and passed. After being sworn in January, I will officially be an attorney. While I am excited that I passed, the whole process is very anti-climatic and I am still in a bit of awe and disbelief for two reason. First, I did not dedicate myself to studying for the bar exam like I normally dedicate myself to my pursuits. Instead, I pursued a great opportunity to compete for the Swiss national team over the summer and studying was relegated to a lower position on my list of priorities. Second, this is the first time in years when other people’s expectations exceeded my own. Historically, people have underestimated me and that has fueled my success. As a Senior in high school, few would have believed that I would become an All-American athlete or attorney. I worked hard to prove them wrong and did so. This year, things were turned around and I was the one doubting the results while everyone else was assured of my success. It is great to feel the support of others, but at the same time my stubbornness is forced to concede that my prediction may have been off.

November Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so bear with me as I have a few different topics to update everyone on.

First on the agenda is a lesson in cultural literacy.  While today is Veterans Day in America, it is Remembrance Day up here in Canada and other members of the Commonwealth.  One interesting fact about Remembrance Day is that many people around town are wear red poppies to commemorate the day.  The red poppy represents the flowers that bloomed on the battlefields in the aftermath of World War I.  The poppy was used as an emblem after Canadian poet John McRae wrote about the topic.

In other news, I just returned from a weekend in Seattle where I finalized the formation of a non-profit corporation.  I will post more information as our plans come together, but I envision that the corporation will be used to help support local Olympic hopefuls such as myself, Will Conwell, and Aretha Thurmond, as well as other deserving athletes.

Dinner with the Olympians

Last night I attend the Dinner with the Olympians event hosted by the Kamloops Track and Field Club.  It was a great chance for the community to hear our local Olympians speak about their experiences in Beijing.  We heard from Gary Reed (800 meters), Dylan Armstrong (shot put), Catherine Pendrel (cross-country mountain biking), and Sultana Frizell (hammer throw).  The first three all placed fourth and barely missed bringing home a medal.  Ms. Pendrel’s talk was especially interesting. It is always fun to gain some insight on how elite athletes train in other sports.  She also told one heartwarming story about how her husband sometimes would follow her in his car on her winter training rides so that she could exchange water bottles whenever the water in her water bottle froze over. The dinner was a great success for the club and raised more money for us to purchase equipment, improve our facilities, and pay our great coaching staff.