Entries by Martin Bingisser

GAINcast Episode 263: Odds and ends

Competition season is starting up again in many sports. We start this week’s GAINcast off by looking at how to best structure training in the days before a competition and how to learn what works best for your individual athletes. In addition we also talk about pre-meet workouts, psychological preparation, GPS data, single-factor models, and much more.

HMMR Podcast Episode 294: The overhead athlete (with Dan Noble)

Training the overhead athlete is a topic that is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. On the week’s episode coach Dan Noble joins us to discuss how his training methods for overhead athletes have spanned the whole spectrum and how he came to his current approach. In addition we talk about the nuances of sports-specific preparation, the bench press, preparing athletes for training camp, and more.

HMMR Podcast Episode 293: Inside the academy (with Taylor Lorbiecki)

Coaching at a military academy presents some unique challenges. In addition to preparing athletes to compete at a high level in their sport, strength coaches are also involved in the physical education program, basic training, and more. On this week’s episode coach Taylor Lorbiecki joins us to talk about some of her creative solutions she’s implemented at the Air Force Academy.

GAINcast Episode 261: Building and rebuilding the amateur athlete (with Donie Fox)

We often talk about developing elite athletes, but the amateur sporting world is even bigger and more demanding in many ways. On this week’s GAINcast coach and physiotherapist Donie Fox joins us to discuss how his team have implemented athletic development structure into their local GAA club. In addition we discuss the differences between building and rebuilding athletes, and how the mental side of physiotherapy is the real difference maker.

RIIL Class Championships (RI) Results

Rhode Island’s top boys competed across three class championships on Saturday. State leaders and teammates Christian Toro (Lincoln, RI) and Jillian Leahy (Lincoln, RI) produced the top throws across all classes.

HMMR Podcast Episode 292: This and that

On this week’s episode we cover a hodgepodge of topics including: best practices for jump testing, jumping on the TCU speed bandwagon, knees over toes training, and defining rest periods in training.