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HMMR Podcast Episode 249: Med ball madness

Medicine balls are one of our favorite training tools. Throughout May we’ve had many of our site contributors share how they use medicine balls in training, and also released a new video lesson on advanced medicine ball training. On this week’s podcast we reflect on our favorite ideas for medicine ball training we picked up this month, as well as some insights from our new video.

Registration open for 2021 SPIRE National Throws Festival

With the cancellation of both the USATF Junior Championships and New Balance Nationals this summer, there is a lack of championship options for youth hammer throwers across the country. Former Olympic hammer throw finalist Kibwé Johnson has launched a new initiative aiming to fill the gap: the SPIRE National Throws Festival. Johnson joined the SPIRE Institute staff at the start of the year as head throwing coach and director of business development after five seasons at the IMG Academy and he’s taken on the throws festival as one of his first big projects.

HMMR Podcast Episode 248: Throwing the ball around (with Zach Dechant)

Baseball and the throwing events have a lot in common: in both sports you are trying to generate rotational power to move an implement fast. When it comes to training, there a lot of parallels as well. Zach Dechant is the strength coach for one of the top collegiate baseball programs. He joins this week’s podcast to discuss how he focuses on specific strength in training, including player profiling, exercise design, and many aspects of medicine ball training.

GAINcast Episode 215: Peanut (with Kristen Gambetta Anderson)

We’re changing things up on this week’s episode. Rather than sharing a coaching perspective, we’re looking at sport through the eyes of a former athlete, sports businesswoman, and daughter . . . not just any daughter, Vern’s daughter. Kristen Gambetta Anderson joins this week’s podcast to discuss her own under rated path through sport, her work in sports business, and provides a new perspective on Vern as a coach and father.

HMMR Podcast Episode 247: More mailbag

On our last episode we dove in deep into the listener mailbag. But we ran out of time before getting to the best questions. Therefore we pick up where we left off on this week’s episode, exploring questions on brisket, throwing, transfer of training, and more.

Ocean State Running Meet 2 (RI) Results

State leader Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) won the second meet in the Ocean State Running Spring Track & Field Series on Saturday. Just behind him was his teammate Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Woonsocket, RI) who added nearly five feet to his personal best. One week after a big season’s best to start the outdoor season Sophia Gallucci (Coventry, RI) had another solid result to easily win the girl’s competition.