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Oregon Relays (OR) Results

strong>Jeremiah Nubbe (Rainier, WA) made his season debut with a big personal best on Friday, launching the hammer over 234 feet. Caden Hottman (Hermiston, OR) also broke 200 feet for second place, with Ariel Ammentorp (Union, Camas, WA) winning with girl’s competition with a personal best.

New York Relays (NY) Results

National leader Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Woonsocket, RI) added to his best to win the New York Relays over the weekend. Michael Pinckney (HS For Construction, Ozone Park, NY) made a strong season debut for second place as well, while Olivia O’Connor (Hillhouse, New Haven, CT) won the girl’s competition.

HMMR Podcast Episode 272: Q&A

It’s time to open the listener mailbag again. On this episode we answer some questions about using video in training, isometrics, hypertrophy, post-competition routines, throwing technique, and more.

HMMR Podcast Episode 271: Tackling and grappling (with Ollie Richardson)

Contact sports often look towards grappling sports for help in preparing athletes for contact. While there is much to be learned from grappling, there are also key differences as well. This is true when taking ideas from any sport to another, and a lesson Ollie Richardson learned first hand working in elite rugby and MMA. On this week’s podcast he shares his system for contact preparation, how it came about, and how to best adapt ideas from other sports.

GAINcast Episode 240: The sports sciences

When we used to think about sports science we would think about the sports sciences: fields like biomechanics and exercise physiology. Now, more often than note, the term sports science is shorthand for data collection and analysis. On this week’s GAINcast we look at how coaches can go back to the roots and get the most from science in sport.

HMMR Podcast Episode 270: Prepare for contact (with Andy Ryland)

In sports like rugby and American football there is the contact paradox. Players are bigger and collision forces continue to increase. However the amount contact allowed in training continues to decrease. So how do we prepare for something we cannot train much? Coach Andy Ryland has a few ideas. On this week’s podcast he discusses the skills involved in contact, and how to best physically prepare for them off the field.

Knights of Columbus Relays (RI) Results

Indoor national champion Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan (Woonsocket, RI) started of his outdoor season strong with a win at the Knights of Columbus Relays on Saturday. the win went to Asher Robbins (Barrington, RI), who won by more than eight feet. The senior was 30 feet ahead of the field and just six feet off of his best from last season en route to the win. In the girl’s competition Jillian Leahy (Lincoln, RI) set a personal best to win.

February/March 2022 in review: throwing

Throughout February and March we looked at team at topic close to our heart: throwing. Our team of contributors put together 2 new videos, 6 new podcasts, and 5 new articles on the topic from 10 contributors. Find links to both our new and archived resources on throwing below.

GAINcast Episode 239: On learning

Becoming the best is about getting the most out of yourself as a coach and as a person. It’s about learning. On this week’s GAINcast we explore the nuances of learning and some overlooked methods to learn and improve.