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The break down: 6 ways to start in the shot put

A few weeks ago we wrote about how throwers need to find their own throw. Technique is a movement problem that we all have to solve differently based on our size, strengths, and predispositions. But where do you start? To help give throwers an idea of the vast amount of variety among elite shot putters, we’ve taken 6 examples below of different ways to start the throw. This isn’t meant to show all the possible variations or even the best variations, but to illustrate some key differences, which each variety aims to do, and who it might work best for.

The state of American throwing

We’re two years out from the next Olympics, so it’s a great time to assess the current state of American throwing. On this week’s podcast we looked in detail at the topic, giving each event a buy, sell, or hold rating. If we think the event is on the upswing, it was given a buy. […]