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History is alive

It is so important to know history, especially in today’s climate of instant information. Historical context is all important. Many training concepts and methods being practiced and promoted commercially are 50, 60, 70 years old or even older. Historical perspective gives a clearer direction on what you are doing now or what you are planning to do. Certainly, we can learn how these concepts and methods were previously used, what worked and what did not work and most importantly why. Often these methods fell out of favor for various reasons, it is helpful to know why. History can tell us that. Understanding those reasons will help us to avoid repeating mistakes.

Look for connections

Always think toe nails to fingernails. I learned this from Wilf Paish, an English coach almost fifty years ago. If in doubt look for and train connections. Ankle to knee and hip to shoulder, shoulder to elbow, and elbow to wrist, the body is a link system. What you do in one link effects all other links.

Adaptable or adapted?

Are you a dinosaur or a cockroach? Dinosaurs are extinct because they were highly specialized and adapted. Cockroaches are thriving because they are highly adaptable. They can hold their breath for 40 minutes and can even survive being submerged under water for half an hour.

Track & field dual meets: some thoughts

The dual meet was the cornerstone of an athlete’s development for years in track & field. For a variety of reasons, the dual meet has all but disappeared in track and field at all levels. I have heard all the arguments for abandoning dual meets and I didn’t then or now ever agree with them.

More lessons learned

Here are some thoughts from my morning walk the other day. The focus is on what I have learned from my experiences. It also includes some things I have observed. Always interested in your feedback and thoughts.

Current reading

These are the books I am currently reading, rereading, and  reviewing. I usually read about six books at a time, sometimes more, seldom less. I love to read. My reading interests are broad and varied. I am finding myself going back and rereading many works that I have read over the past few years. I seem to get more out of them on the second read.