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The essence of efficient movement in everyday life and sport is the ability to make effective and appropriate shapes for the activity. From a sport performance perspective making shapes and changing shapes is a central objective in training. It is a perspective to view movement with new eyes.


Words create images and images create action. This is an axiom that I learned over 50 years ago. It has stood the test of time.

No app for that

There is no app that will magically teach you to be a better coach. Becoming a better coach is a process. It requires daily investment in time and effort to achieve mastery of the skills necessary. Coaching is a people profession – it is not high tech; it is high touch. Technology and science should inform what we do, not drive what we do as coaches.

Memories of Sam Cunningham

Sam was a great athlete that I was fortunate to coach in my first-year coaching when he won the California State Meet in the shot put. I have fond memories of Sam the athlete. In 1970 in my first decathlon Sam also did his first and only decathlon. After that he turned his attention to football, where he was a legend. Looking back through the prism of time my fondest memories are of Sam the person.

Something to think about

This post was inspired by my third read of Adam Grants great book Think Again and conversations with coaches and administrators over the past few weeks. It is the time of the year when we are earnestly planning for the next year, debriefing the last year and the last Olympic cycle. One thing I know […]

Eric Hoffer: the true believer

If you want insights and a deeper understanding of what is happening today this book is a must read. It was first published in 1952. I first read it for a class in college in the mid 1960’s. He is one of my intellectual heroes. As a college student I devoured everything he wrote. Eric […]

Thoughts on end of season review/debrief

Whether you are a national governing body reviewing your performance at the Olympic games or a high school coach just ending your season and preparing for next year. Here are few thoughts that may help you begin an effective performance review/debrief.

Tokyo Olympics in the rear view mirror

Well, the 2021 Olympics are in the books. It was an Olympics like no other. Great performances, disappointing performances, surprising performances, great upsets, in short just about everything you want to see in an athletic contest. But something was missing for me, and it wasn’t spectators.