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The seeds of culture

Clay Erro is the former football coach at Enterprise High School in Redding, California and one of the winningest football coaches in Northern Californian history. More important than his success was his ability to teach young men to be responsible adults and citizens. His approach was unconventional with a premium on relationships and teaching.

When will we learn?

Warning this is a Rant! Volume is not a biomotor quality. It is a major stimulus at certain times in a year and a career. So why do we see swim teams and distance running programs go to extremes of volume training for prolonged periods of time to the extent that the athlete is so beaten down that they are 10 to 15 seconds off their personal bests in certain events. This is not necessary! It ceases to be training and borders on abuse.

Announcing GAIN 2024 coaching by design workshops

GAIN started 2007. Until 2023 we have had an annual conference, this year instead, we are having GAIN Coaching by Design workshops. The annual conference held in June each year will resume in 2025. In addition, we are going international with an event in Melbourne, Australia in November. GAIN Coaching by Design workshops are open to professionals seeking innovative training ideas.

No pain, no gain?

No pain, no gain was a very prevalent attitude when I began coaching in the late Sixties and surprisingly it continues to persist today.

Vern Gambetta’s top 10 reads of 2023

I am a confirmed bibliophile. I cannot walk by a bookstore without going in and browsing and frequently buying a book. My reading does not follow fixed patterns. It is driven by my curiosity, and the desire to learn new things. My reading is not focused on sports, coaching or training. You can see from my top ten list that it is quite eclectic.

2023 retrospective

2023 was an amazing year. So much came together for me in my 54th year of coaching. Two world records for Summer McIntosh and a career defining year for Ellyse Perry in cricket. Those  highlights did not come out of nowhere. I realize looking back on the year and my career the preparation, learning, networking that resulted in those performances. My tagline for years has been: “Coaching the best to be Better” These two women are the best and they will get better. I learned so much from them about commitment to excellence, the 24 hour athlete and the coach athlete partnership.