Entries by Vern Gambetta

Training do’s and don’ts #6: planning (a.k.a the prediction addiction)

I learned very early in my coaching and teaching career the importance of planning. For my first ten years coaching I suffered from severe “prediction addiction,” thinking that like the oracles of ancient times that I could predict the future. After some resounding failures, I learned to write the plans in pencil because seldom if ever was a plan executed as written. Nor were the competition results as predictable as I thought.

Thoughts from my morning walk

Every morning starts with a morning walk. It’s my time to reflect and think. Recently on social media I’ve begun sharing some thoughts from my morning walks. Stay tuned for more as I’ll keep sharing some ideas that come up.

An aha moment: the javelin dance

I have told this story many times in presentations and in various podcasts. It deserves to be retold to underscore the lesson I learned many years ago and is reinforced daily in my coaching.