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GAIN: a brief history

I want to share with you a little bit of the history of GAIN.  We started GAIN in 2007 with 14 brave souls at the Holiday Inn sports complex in Sunrise, Florida. That was the actual physical start of it. The genesis and the idea behind Gain goes a long way back really to my early years of coaching where I quickly learned that total immersion was the best learning environment. When I went to conferences or workshops where everybody lived together did active learning. Those were the things that I got the most out of.

Ten chances: my decathlon journey

This is a story, a true story although some of the facts may be a little muddled due to the passage of time. It is the story of a young athlete striving to be the best he could be with limited ability, but with laser focus and steely determination. This is not about a prodigy; it is about a late comer starting one of the most difficult athletic events there is – the decathlon. In German Zehnkampf: ten battles. Looking back, I see it as ten chances, ten chances to get better. Ten parts to make a whole. Each event is scored and at the end of two days the scores for the individual events are totaled to determine the overall score for ten events. Therefore Ten = One.

2022 year in books

2022 was a good year for reading. Below are my top ten books for the year. It is an eclectic collection that reflects my varied interests and curiosity.