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Ten chances: my decathlon journey

This is a story, a true story although some of the facts may be a little muddled due to the passage of time. It is the story of a young athlete striving to be the best he could be with limited ability, but with laser focus and steely determination. This is not about a prodigy; it is about a late comer starting one of the most difficult athletic events there is – the decathlon. In German Zehnkampf: ten battles. Looking back, I see it as ten chances, ten chances to get better. Ten parts to make a whole. Each event is scored and at the end of two days the scores for the individual events are totaled to determine the overall score for ten events. Therefore Ten = One.

2022 year in books

2022 was a good year for reading. Below are my top ten books for the year. It is an eclectic collection that reflects my varied interests and curiosity.