Wishes For the Hammer in 2015

A few weeks ago Martin ran down his top hammer stories from 2014 and this week Dave Hunter just published an article on RunBlogRun about his New Year’s wishes for American track and field in 2015. It got me thinking about what my wishes might be for the hammer this year. Enjoy! Read more

My Favorite Songs of 2014

Love music? Me too! Music plays an important role in an athletes life. Be it while training, pre-meet preparations, hanging out relaxing with friends and family, or smashing the iron in the weight room. Over the last year, here are some of my favorite songs. Hope you find something you like. Enjoy! ?
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My Off-Season Training Plan

Logo_throwholics_5_1Over the weekend Throwholics posted an interview with me about my off-season preparations and plans. You can read it over on their site and they’ve let us repost it here.

This is just one of many from their series of off-season training updates. Nearly every day they are posting interviews with elite throwers around the world, including our own Martin Bingisser and lots of great hammer throwers. Check out all of their updates so far by clicking here.
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Can New IAAF Standards Resurrect USA Men’s Hammer?

Yesterday the IAAF has released the new standards for next year’s World Championships in Beijing. If you’re not yet aware, it was already made public that they wanted a standard that would fill roughly 75% of the field. Then if needed, they would fill in the rest of the fields from the world list. Personally, I think the standard should be 77m, but that’s beside the point.
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I used to throw because it came easy.
Then I threw because it challenged me.
Then I threw to be a champion.
Then I threw to to do something that had never been done.
Then I threw to be an Olympian.
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Up Next

I threw a season best in training yesterday so I was inspired to write! Not because it was a far result, it most certainly wasn’t. It was almost a SB regardless of training or competition, though. The distance isn’t what makes me happy. In fact, the distance is paltry compared to what my training level “used to be”. But that’s just it. Our sport is brutally a “what have you done for me, lately?” culture. And as such, I feel I should hold myself to that standard. What I have done is all well and good, but since I haven’t retired yet, what I am doing now is really all that matters. So as I claw my way back, I will gladly take every single little victory in my path. Taking smaller steps will still get you to the mountain top.

So what’s next?

Next stop: Chula Vista!

Next stop: Chula Vista!

My next competition is my last chance at throwing a result good enough to get me to Morocco (which would be a new country!) for Continental Cup as a member of the Americas team. I will be competing at the Olympic training Center at the end of the month. The Continental Cup began as a replacement for the old World Cup a few years ago. I am optimistic about my chances in Chula Vista. I only have to throw in excess of 76.25, and if things are lined up, this should be well within reach. However, it WOULD be the first time this season for things to be lined up, sooooo, you can see why I’m not getting too excited. 🙂 The competition is a two day championship format. Competing on July 31 and August 2. The NACAC athletes will be there as well, should be fun!

I’ve also received word that the French federation is trying to remove men and women hammer from the DecaNation program. I don’t think their decision had anything to do with the recent French athlete who was busted for steroids, but I’m sure it doesn’t help our case. DecaNation is arguably the best meet of the year. The French do a fantastic job. So not being part of this meet will shorten the quality of my season, unfortunately.

It will be important to finish the season strong in order to set the tone for next season’s championship year. In a perfect world, I’d like 77-78m, if that happens by season end, I’ll be happier than a corgi on stilts . . .

We’ll see!

USAs Recap

Almost a week after competing in Sacramento, I find myself still annoyed by the result. Probably more so now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely happy to win a third title in four years. Avenging my inability to win last season due to injury. And honestly, the only objective was to win. Regardless of distance. Mission accomplished!
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What I’m Working On

Martin just updated us about his recently completed training camp with Bondarchuk in Sweden. Conversely, when Dr. B is gone, I often have very good training. Mainly because I’m more strict with myself about getting done what I want accomplished. In my February update, I didn’t mention what I was focusing on, so I thought I’d share what my technical focus has been this winter.
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February Training Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written specifically about my own training. So here goes!

What I’m doing now: My current program consists of two different programs. Read more

Holla Atcha Boy

High jumper Jamie Nieto just posted an interview he did with me back in April for his YouTube series Holla Atcha Boy. Jamie is a two-time Olympian. Like me he is competes for NYAC and was a finalist in London. He also placed fourth back in 2004 where he jumped 7’8″. We had a quick chat about my experience in London, the hammer throw, and what I do outside the ring.
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