Finding the edge

It is so tempting to just do what you are good at in training and to neglect the other things that you need to do to make significant improvement. It is so easy to rationalize away and then have it come back to haunt you when you need those other things the most. If you spend all your time on what you are good at then how do you get better?

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Focus on function

The body is a system. It is a system like no other. It is a completely open system, that is highly adaptable. The whole of the actions that the body can achieve is greater than the sum of its parts. When the body needs to solve a moment problem it is almost magic what it can do. Never sell the body and its capabilities short.

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Firing away

This is a post I wrote many years ago, if anything this thinking is more pervasive now than it was then. A training guru to the star players (name deleted to protect the guilty) told a newspaper: “A lot of things weren’t firing — his glutes, his hips, thighs . . . I wouldn’t say his condition was the most severe, I wouldn’t say it was the best. … But if I were to classify it on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the most extreme, I’d say he was definitely in the seven, eight category.”

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My vision

My vision is to develop robust, resilient, adaptable athletes who are physically, psychologically & tactically ready to compete to win in the competitive arena.

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Doing it better

I am always trying to find ways to do what I do better. I have a defined system of training that I am constantly working to refine. With success it is tempting to stand pat and not change. I am constantly learning, learning what I do works and learning what I can do to make it better.

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Get beyond the numbers

In today’s world of high performance sport we have the potential to bury ourselves in numbers. There is not much we can’t analyze, measure or monitor. In many ways this is a positive step forward & some ways it can be negative. The key is keeping the numbers in context.

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Some thoughts

Don’t take what you read as gospel. There is little that is new. Always trace the origins.

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If you think you have it figured out

Maybe you have just completed a successful season and won a championship. The temptation is to rest on your laurels. To do the same training again. In order to stay the same, you must change. Rethink what and how you did it.

What must be reemphasized? What must be changed? How can I build on this year’s success? What is necessary to avoid stagnation and continue to achieve adaptation? The athletes will quickly accommodate to the stimulus. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. Terrible English but an important point to consider in order to get optimum return from training. So how do you progress? It is also necessary to recognize that there are certain training periods where you just need to put your nose to the grindstone and get after it. Sometimes you don’t really need to change the training the stimulus, just change the sequence of where it is placed in a program. Change is always uncomfortable, especially after achieving success. Sustained excellence demands continual change.

Muscles firing: where is the switch?

This is a post I wrote over many years ago, if anything this thinking is more pervasive now than it was then.

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Three books to kick off 2021

These three books are among the best I have read in the past several years.

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